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The sexual prowess of gay black guys

It has long been acknowledged that black men seem to have a sexual prowess that white men appear not to have. There is no scientific evidence or proof that this is true and it is not to say that white men have no sexual prowess whatsoever. The myth of the prowess of black men—for me—stems from a vision I saw years ago in college. There was this black football player who had a way with the ladies. He was a flirt and had a quick wit. His demeanor was such that even straight guys wanted to sleep with him because he had a way about him. Although most of the straight guys wouldn’t admit it! They just wanted to buddy up to him. Girls were always after him and he really did have the pick of the bunch. One day, in the showers, I caught sight of his wang and I almost bit my tongue with excitement. He must have been about ten inches soft and my curiosity was running wild as to whether all black men were so well hung.

I had no idea if there were any gay black men but I hoped I would find one. In those days there was no internet and I had no idea where to meet gay black guys. Everything was word of mouth in back then and I found a quiet little gay bar in a back alley in some large city and went in there. There were about 50 guys in there and to my surprise I saw about six black guys. I had my best clothes on and had recently had my hair cut. I ordered a drink and nodded to one guy to see if he would nod back. It was a sort of code in those days—unlike today, with websites such as mennation.com so easily accessible–I was offering him a drink and he accepted. We talked a while and he asked me to go into the bathrooms because he wanted some head. We went in there and without warning he had my pants down and was sucking on my dick. After that he pressed my head down to his cock and my mouth engulfed it. I about choked at the length but soon we were at it. When we came out of the bathrooms we finished our drinks and he offered me back to his place and I went. That was the start of my obsession with black cock.

He had sexual prowess. At first I couldn’t put my finger on what the magic ingredient was because even the less attractive black men could command that same effect from people. I finally figured out that it was partly their flirtatious nature and partly the way they treated people to start with. They had charm and charisma and I felt that the way they displayed it was something I rarely spotted in white men. They ingratiated themselves with people they met and the response was that people liked them. Gay black guys had the same charm and charisma too and I found them extremely attractive. It was not just because of their well hung dicks but also the way they look after their bodies that give them that extra something!